GP0802 V05 Large Raised Pot 900


Grow your own delicious vegetables and beautiful flowering plants with theJumbo Vege Patch. This mobile, self-watering planter with trellis makes homegrowing easy.

Designed to be fittedwith castors allows you easy access to find the perfect sunny patch in youryard, balcony or deck. It holds up to 50 litres of potting soil, and includesan extra large 12 litre water storage zone with a self-watering pot that ensuresyour plant will continue to get all the water they need, even if you are notaround to water them.

A sturdy climbingframe can be added as plants grow, and will support growth up to 1.5 meterstall. Made from durable polypropylene the Jumbo Vege Patch is built to lastseason after season.

It is so compact itis ideal for those with limited growing space, such as balconies, patios andverandahs. This product also has the optional accessory of a greenhousecover and frame to protect plants during harsh weather.

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