GP0140 Jumbo Grow Tower


The Jumbo Growing Tower is a large sized planter, measuring 950px x 950px x 3750px high which allows you to grow delicious vegetables no matter the area you’re working with!

Utilising vertical space rather than the usua lhorizontal, you no longer need a large backyard or planting plot to grow veggies, flowers and other climbing plants! Suitable for use in even the limited space of a balcony or patio, the tomato tower is simple to assemble and self watering, so it couldn’t be easier to grow tasty home grown vegetables from the comfort of your own home!

The Jumbo Growing Tower has a huge 8 Litrewater reservoir. The large water capacity will see you water your plants substantially less often. You can leave your plants for a few days withou tputting them at risk.

The Jumbo Growing Tower’s support frame allows you to raise the height of your plants, dramatically improving the productivity of your climbers, such as beans, peas and zucchinis.

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